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Tribute to Moscow. Awesome Pictures of Night Moscow and Super Performance of the Russian Legendary Song "Moscow Nights" in English and Russian

Unforgettable images  of Night Moscow. Music: English version: Helmut Lotti. Original version in Russian: Vladimir Troshin.

                                                      ENJOY THE SONG!!!


 Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia. It is also the largest metropolitan area in Europe and ranks among the largest urban areas in the world. It is also the seventh largest city proper in the world with a population of approximately 10,524,400. It is located on the Moscow River in the Central Federal District, in the European part of Russia. Historically, it was the capital of the former Soviet Union, Russian Empire, Tsardom of Russia and the Grand Duchy of Moscow. It is the site of the Moscow Kremlin, one of the World Heritage Sites in the city, which serves as the residence of the President of Russia.

  GMT +3 (Last Sunday in October - last Sunday in March: GMT +4)
  55°45' N 37°37' E
  150-200 m
Main river:
  Moskva (503km), a tributary of the River Oka
  1,081.00 km2


10,409,200 (within the city area, 2005) people are living in Moscow. Among them there are representatives of about one hundred nations and ethnic groups. Russians are the largest ethnic group in Moscow. There are also Jews, Ukrainians, Belorussians and Tatars as well as increasing number of refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, the Caucasus, the Baltic States and Central Asia. Orthodox Christianity is a predominant religion in Moscow. The city also has communities of Protestants, Roman Catholics, Judaists and Muslims.


Moscow as a separate subject of the Russian Federation is governed by a mayor, who is popularly elected for a four-year term, and by a 35-member Duma (assembly), which is the city's legislature. Moscow consists of 10 administrative regions, which are subdivided into 128 districts. The Duma is elected from administrative regions and each district elects local councils. As the capital of Russia, Moscow is the seat of the national government. The Kremlin palaces house the majority of offices. The prime minister's offices occupy the House of Government of the Russian Federation, usually known as the White House.

Population density:
  8,537.2 people/km2
Postal code:
Dialing code:
  +7 495, +7 499 (digital network)


The date of Moscow's founding is generally accepted to be April 4, 1147, when the first record of Moscow in Russian chronicles was done. Moscow's history starts from a wooden fortress, which was built by order of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky on a hill at the confluence of the Moskva and the Neglinnaya rivers. It is often said that Moscow is the third Rome, because the main part of the city, according to the legend, was built on seven hills. The city's general scheme can be represented as the system of concentric circles radiating from the Kremlin, Moscow's geographical, historical and political centre.


The official symbol of Moscow is a dark-red shield, where an ancient Old-Russian subject is depicted: St. George fighting down the Serpent. This symbol was restored in 1993 per sample of the first official symbol of Moscow, which was established in 1781.

International relations

Moscow has attitudes based on contracts and friendly communications with 50 cities and regions all over the world, 10 CIS countries, 7 Asian countries. There are 31 trade missions, 12 representations of the international organizations with labor relations, 137 diplomatic representatives (embassies) with accreditations in Moscow. Moscow carries out trading communications with about 200 countries. On a constant basis the Government of Moscow keeps in touch with sales representatives of more than 50 countries. More than 2,500 foreign companies are registered in capital representations, more than 7,5 thousand enterprises deal with the foreign capital. About 100 international exhibitions and fairs take place in Moscow every year.

Major attractions

Moscow boasts of its numerous attractions: Kremlin, Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery, Bolshoi Theater, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Armory, Novodevichy Convent, St. Basil Cathedral, Arbat, The Church of Christ the Savior, Poklonnaya Mountain, Archangelskoye Estate, Ostankino Estate and others. 
  • St. Basil's rises from Red Square in an irresistible profusion of colors and shapes. Its montage of domes, cupolas, arches, towers, and spires, each bearing a distinctive pattern and hue, have fascinated the eyes of visitors since its construction in the 1550s. Although St. Basil's was built to commemorate Ivan the Terrible's capture of the Mongol stronghold of Kazan and is properly named Cathedral of the Intercession, its popular name has long associated it with a ragged prophet who foretold the Moscow fire of 1547. The appeal of St. Basil's is best appreciated by a leisurely stroll around its perimeter, as its wondrous exterior decoration belies a remarkably plain and cramped interior.
  • TRETYAKOV STATE GALLERY- This remains one of the world’s largest museums, a treasure house of old Russian art from the 11th century up through the present. The gallery bears the name of its founder, Pavel Tretyakov, a wealthy Russian manufacturer and patron of art. Now the Tretyakov Gallery holds more than 50,000 works of painting, graphic art and sculpture. The facade of the gallery building was designed by the painter Viktor Vasnetsov in a peculiar Russian fairy-tale style. It was built in 1902–04 to the south from the Moscow Kremlin. During the 20th century, the gallery expanded to several neighboring buildings, including the 17th-century church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi. 
  • MOSCOW METRO- This is considered the most beautiful underground railway systems in the world. The stations, built in the Stalin era, are remarkable for their bold ornamentation and unique architecture and were created to look like temples and palaces. Most of these stations are decorated with sculptures, glass, colored marble and bronze chandeliers.
  • ARBAT STREET - Is one of the oldest areas in Moscow and it's the name of the most tourists’ street in the city. There are always many people wandering around, there are many cafes, restaurants, antiques and souvenir shops.

 Weather (averages):
 Month High °C (°F) Low °C (°F) Precipitation cm
 January -6.1 (21) -11.7 (11) 3.56 (1.40)
 February -4.4 (24) -11.1 (12) 2.79 (1.10)
 March 1.1 (34) - 5.6 (22) 3.30 (1.30)
 April 9.4 (49) 1.1 (34) 3.81 (1.50)
 May 17.2 (63) 6.7 (44) 5.08 (2.00)
 June 20.6 (69) 10.6 (51) 6.60 (2.60)
 July 21.7 (71) 12.8 (55) 8.13 (3.20)
 August 20.0 (68) 11.1 (52) 7.11 (2.80)
 September 13.9 (57) 6.1 (43) 5.84 (2.30)
 October 7.2 (45) 0.6 (33) 5.08 (2.00)
 November 0.0 (32) -4.4 (24) 4.32 (1.70)
 December -3.9 (25) -8.9 (16) 4.32 (1.70)
  Russian Ruble (currently $1 is very approximately 30ru.)
Average income (per month):
No. of resident billionaires:
Public holidays:
 Holiday  Date
 New Year's Day  January 1,2
 Christmas Day  January 7
 Defenders of the Fatherland Day  February 23
 International Women's Day  March 8
 Labor Day/May Day  May 1,2
 Victory Day  May 9
 Independence Day  June 12
 Day of Accord and Reconciliation
 (formerly Day of the Great October Revolution)
 November 7
 Constitution Day  12 December
Patron Saint:
  Saint George
City founded:
  1147 by Yuri Dolgoruky, Grand Duke of Kiev
City anniversary:
  4 September
Historic status:
  Principality (c1300 - c1480)
  Capital of Russia (c1480 - 1703)
  Capital of the USSR (1922 - 1991)
  Capital of the Russian Federation (1991 onwards)

Sources of information: Internet

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