Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has issued a

Thursday, May 26

This advisory has been issued because air pollution is forecast to be at
elevated levels.

That means ozone levels are expected to exceed federal health standards. Typically, the highest ozone levels occur during the late afternoon and evening hours.

More advisories may be issued this week. Please monitor local news and
weather reports and check ADEQ or call Valley Metro at 602-262-RIDE.

Visit for transit routes and schedules.

What is Ozone?
Ozone is a colorless gas that is in the air. Ozone exists naturally in the Earth's upper atmosphere, where it shields the Earth from the sun's ultraviolet rays. When ozone is also found close to the Earth's surface it is referred to as ground-level ozone. At this level it is a harmful air pollutant.

Why is Ozone a Problem?
Repeated exposure to unhealthful levels of ground-level ozone affects lung tissue. Ozone is an irritant that can cause choking, coughing and stinging eyes. Ozone damages lung tissue, it may exacerbate respiratory disease, and ozone makes people more susceptible to respiratory infections.

While anyone who is active or works outdoors is affected by unhealthful ozone levels, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to ozone.

What Can You Do to Help Reduce Dangerous Ozone Levels?
Valley residents are encouraged to:

Reduce their driving.
Limit engine idling.
Carpool, bus, telework.
Refuel after dark.
Refrain from using gasoline powered garden equipment or charcoal BBQs.
Schedule painting projects during the cooler months, and when painting, use water-based products.

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