Monday, November 7, 2011

On November 7, 2011 Russia marks the 70th anniversary of a historic, military World War II parade on the Red Square.

Thousands gather in Moscow's Red Square for military spectacle.

A WWII-era Soviet T-34 tank rolls at the Red Square in Moscow.

The military parade in central Moscow on November 7, 1941 was a key moment in Russian history.

The military show marked the 70th anniversary of the 7 November 1941 parade when Soviet soldiers marched to meet Nazi invaders head-on at the front line.
Thousands of Russian soldiers, military cadets and veterans gathered in Moscow’s Red Square to re-enact a historic World War II parade.
Wearing WWII-era Soviet military uniform Russian soldiers carry red flags as they march.

Around 6,000 guests gathered, many in World War II era uniform, to march across Red Square with T-34 tanks and other historic weapons.
There were 42 Guests of Honor of the 65 living veterans who 70 years ago marched through the city’s main square to honor the 24th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution. From the Red Square festivities they departed directly for the front, located some 70 kilometers away from the Soviet capital.

That day the German army had planned to lead its own battalions through the Red Square, but Soviet soldiers managed to meet the threat with a rebuff. Now, remembering those days, they tell the younger generation that the parade empowered the Moscow defenders to mobilize and believe in themselves.

Members of the youth patriotic clubs pose for a photo while standing atop a WWII-era Soviet T-34 tank.

Around 4,000 youngsters from the Moscow Children’s Movement, including those from military-patriotic clubs, amateur archaeological teams and cadet schools also took part in the celebrations.

During Soviet times, military parades were held annually on November 7. Russia abolished the holiday in 2005.

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