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Lisa Aubuchon, former Maricopa County deputy, who was a public prosecutor in Olga Chaikheeva’s court case, as believed, fabricated criminal case against her former husband, was disbarred.

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Andrew Thomas, former Maricopa County Attorney, and his former deputy, Lisa Aubuchon were disbarred this morning by the three-member disciplinary panel of the Arizona State Supreme Court.

The disbarment of former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and deputy Lisa Aubuchon was the toughest sanction possible for allegations of a total of 33 ethical violations reaching as far back as 2006, The Arizona Republic reported.

The detailed, 33-charge bar complaint accuses Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon, his former go-to assistant for prosecuting politically charged matters, of, among other things, filing criminal and civil cases without probable cause or evidentiary basis; bringing them to embarrass, burden or delay; dishonesty and fraud; incompetence; conflicts of interest; and engaging in criminal conduct (by causing an unknowing sheriff’s detective to swear to a false affidavit for charging a judge with crimes after others had balked.) It seeks their disbarment.

In the 130-page summary, obtained by The Arizona Republic in September of 2010, Aubuchon is accused of filing numerous cases based on insufficient evidence - including one filed merely to stop a court hearing that Thomas did not want to take place - and of misusing "the awesome power of the prosecutor's office."
In 2010, Chief Deputy County Attorney Paul Ahler said Aubuchon's "actions brought discredit to county service," and he alleged that she "misused the awesome power of the prosecutor's office."

Many years ago, Lisa Aubuchon was a public prosecutor in a criminal case involving Ms. Olga Chaikheeva ( also known as Shield Foundation/Arizona Russian Center/WORLD ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN, I have posted many articles about her lies,  mastery of slander, fraudulent activities, scams, and etc.) and her ex-husband, Sergei.  I have never seen, met, talked or communicated in any ways with him, but I have collected factual documents from courts, public records and perfectly learned who Ms. Chaikheeva and her accomplices are.  He was accused (almost a year after!!! the so called incident took place) of playing the "Russian Roulette" with Olga. What's very interesting and notable that when Olga filed her first police report accusing Sergei of physically abusing her, she was not trusted by a police officer (see a link below). According to my account, one of the most valuable witnesses was Mr. Artt Smasch, a friend of Sergei, and now Olga's boy-friend and domestic partner. It shall be noted, that according to people who had known the family and worked with Sergei, Olga and Artt slept together when Ms. Chaikheeva was still officially a married woman. Artt Smasch also was accused of civil conspiracy and attempt to take over one of the prominent non-profit entities in Arizona - the Arizona Rangers (case can be found on-line)Sergei's verdict was almost 8 years in prison for sticking a revolver to Olga's head and playing the "Russian Roulette" with a single bullet loaded. He served his time, was in a process of being released when Madam Chaikheeva made her appearance on a local TV channel breaking in tears and appealing to the system and people to not free him because he was going to kill her, her kids and people in Arizona. By the way, this very smart method has been successfully used  by her many times when she was able to obtain orders of protections against people by falsely presenting cases in the court.

She did it in order to intimidate people, destroy their reputation, impose horrible pain on them,  and shut their moth up.  However, not many people know that right after that she went to the party she had thrown where she got drunk (according to people who attended the party and it was also on a record in one of the many court rooms).

As a result of this well orchestrated by Olga ( she is a great actress) spectacle, Sergei was kept in prison for additional about 19 month!!! despite of several court decisions to free him. He, then, finally with the mysterious involvement of the Russian Consulate was deported to Russia.

There is a person, there is a problem. There is no person, there is no problem. Is was Joseph Stalin's personal doctrine. That's why millions of innocent people had been killed or simply disappear during his reign in former Soviet Union.  Many people who have been directly and/or indirectly involved in Smasch-Chaikheeva saga have no doubts that the case against him had been fabricated and he had been framed-up by his former wife with help of a few people, one of whom, to be believed, was Lisa Aubuchon. In the court room he mentioned that his ex-wife just needed his property (article in the Arizona Republic).

Today his house, that was granted to him by the court ruling, belongs to ... Shield Foundation and has been used as a secret place to keep so called "abused Russian wives." (Info on the house is filed with the Maricopa County recording Office). In spite of the claim of Olga-Shield Foundation that all services are free for the "victims of domestic violence", she, indeed, collected money from poor women who happened to end up in her "good care" ( I personally spoke with several of them).  According to their accounts they had to sign a contract based on which their civil rights were taken away such as a right to keep their own documents, place telephone calls, and access their own mail, etc. People still think that, perhaps, Olga Chaikheeva, a few others had conspired against Olga's former husband and,perhaps, used Lisa Aubuchon to severely punish the ex-spouse.
How can be explained a fact that after the trial ended, prosecutor Aubuchon testified as a key witness on Olga's behalf in several court cases Olga had filed against others?

Sergei, during his prison term, according to the court documents, wanted to have a new, fair, trial and justice to be served.  He would've done it if he had been released.  And, somebody didn't want to see it happen.  Now, he is very far away and, perhaps, will never be permitted to visit USA (convicted felon) and, there will be no new trial.  I have my own belief based on what I have personally learned about Olga in 8!!! years by researching tons of documents and witnesses accounts; however, I would not like to speculate about on the verdict of a new trial if it had happened.  I just want to express my sincere desire to see justice be served in all cases (criminal, family, civil) Ms. Chaikheeva has been involved in. Justice has not been served yet; it will be in the future times. This is critically important for the nation and it's people in the first place. Firm belief in justice in the USA has brought millions of decent and honest people to this great nation from all over the World.  Confucius, the greatest Chinese philosopher, pointed out that Peace and Justice are the key elements of a prosperous future of any nations.

Today, April 10, 2012, one of the main participants of that controversial case, is severely punished for..."dishonesty and fraud; incompetence." 

This is a hard lesson for Lisa to learn from; it may be also viewed by many as a strong message sent to all who has ever been involved in framing-up people, fabricating cases, and sentencing innocent people to prison.

And if you have been, your time will come.

Written to the best of my knowledge and ability

Yefim Toybin

April 10, 2010 @ 22:00

Phoenix, Arizona

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